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Welcome to Fly Fishing
by Lefty Kreh

   Fly fishing is more than just catching fish with feathered lures. Discover fly fishing and you discover the sport of a lifetime.
   Fly fishing attracts people from all walks of life. While some people believe fly casting is a difficult art, I have maintained for years that it is much more difficult to become accomplished with spinning tackle.
   The rewards of fly fishing are boundless. There is a beauty and a pleasure in just casting a fly, in watching the line's sinuous movement as it unrolls in the air, almost defying gravity.
   You can pursue everything from bluegills to blue marlin using a fly, and every type of fly fishing offers a new challenge, a new riddle to be solved. There are no limits in fly fishing - only boundaries waiting to be crossed.
   Fly fishing is a gentle art practiced most often in beautiful locations - high mountain lakes, rustling streams, roaring rivers, the wide open salt flats - places where land and water meet in a forever changing landscape.
   Today, fly fishing offers one great opportunity for the angler. It's called catch-and-release fishing, where the fish are released unharmed. It is a way of not only protecting the resource, but of showing respect for the fish. Quality fishing for everyone depends on more anglers practicing catch and-release fishing.
   Fly fishing is a gentle and noble art refined through time and practice. I know of no other sport that offers so much to so many people. As I said before, discover fly fishing and you discover the sport of a lifetime.

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