We don't just yak about flyfishing.  We go flyfishing!

Club Trips

Upcoming Club Trips - 2018

May 26 –North Catamount. We will walk in from Edlowe Road in Woodland Park. Meeting time will follow.

June 23 – Manitou Lake. We have a confirmed reservation for the pavilion for the club picnic.

July 14 – Beaver Creek below Skagway Reservoir

July 27 - July 28 or 29 – David Fitch will be leading a backpacking trip to Red Deer Lake in the Indian Peaks                   Wilderness.

Aug 8-12 – Camping at Clear Creek Reservoir. Dispersed camping. Fishing Clear Creek Res and Stream,            Arkansas River, Twin Lakes, Mt.Elbert Forebay, and Crystal Lake.

Sep 15 – Dream Stream

Members, if you have individual trips you are planning and would like other PPF memers to know about them and perhaps come along, please let me know and I will post them.  -  David Fitch - dfitch09@gmail.com

Contact Dave Hoover if you'd like to suggest other club trips.

Trip Director -  David Hoover , contact via e-mail  trouthunterdave@gmail.com